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Selecting A Shop
Our goal here is to help you with the selection of a Professional Band Instrument Repair Technician. First, not all qualified technicians are members of NAPBIRT. NAPBIRT is an educational organization which subscribes to a Code of Ethics that will help you understand our position. The obvious goal is to choose a qualified technician operating in a close proximity to you that will offer you a great value on the needed repairs.

What makes a technician qualified?
The ability to competently complete the given repairs is a must. There are many methods to achieve the desired result of instrument repair and maintenance. As long as the methods used do not damage or hinder the other aspects of the instrument, then they are reasonable. Your music teacher or area professional might have a suggestion for a technician that might be qualified to meet your repair needs.

What is a close proximity?
The geographic location of your technician is important to your busy life style. The proximity of the shop is less important than the quality of the work. Sometimes the most qualified technician is not the closest.

What is the best value?
Value and price are often confused. A great value will always include competent work backed with a reasonable warranty. Many times the difference between an acceptable job and a great job is the ability of the technician to communicate the value of the work that is needed, and explain the possible options that make the performance of the instrument better. The relationship between you and your repair technician will grow into a partnership that will further the player's abilities and musical enjoyment. Many times the proper value for the customer is the more comprehensive job that really addresses all of the needs of the instrument and not just enough to get the instrument playing again.

As you select the proper technician to repair and maintain your musical instrument(s) please keep in mind the value that you need is not only related to the cost of the repair.

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