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Sample Bench Test
This bench test was designed to help employers determine if an applicant has the technical and employability skills necessary for success. You will see that the assessments below include problem-solving skills, attention to aesthetics, and the ability to learn from criticism and instruction. This test can be administered to technicians of all experience levels.

We recommend that a bench test take place in conjunction with an interview. This test is designed to evaluate trouble-shooting skills as well as assess the approach the candidate takes in specific repair circumstances. It is most beneficial to prepare instruments with specific problems known to the evaluator, thus to gain insight into the applicant's skills, approach and knowledge.

Set time limits for each instrument. Allow the candidate 5 minutes to evaluate each repair then inquire for perhaps another 5 minutes, asking questions such as: "What did you find?" and "How would you go about completing this repair?". Then let the applicant spend the remainder of the time limit repairing. Monitor from a distance to see if he/she exhibits good coordination and safety when using tools and good decision making in the selection of tools. Comment or intervene only when it is absolutely necessary.

At the end of the session you can review each repair and discuss your observations regarding approach, skills demonstrated and things that you might have done differently. This is a good time to observe the applicant's ability to accept constructive criticism and instruction.

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