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About Us
The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT) is the largest non-profit international educational association dedicated to the advancement of the craft of band instrument repair.

The mission of NAPBIRT is to promote the highest possible standards of musical instrument repair service by providing members with a central agency for the exchange of information and continued education through the administration of programs that benefit its membership. We do not provide certification, testing, or endorsement of any individual member's abilities.

Founded in 1976 as a small grassroots organization of 45 members with a common goal of technical integrity and professionalism. Each member placed ten dollars into a hat and NAPBIRT was born. NAPBIRT has since blossomed into an open and friendly international organization of over 1000 members located in over 20 countries. In 2000 the organization opened its NAPBIRT Technical Training Center (NTTC) in Normal, Illinois. This facility is specifically designed and constructed for the purpose of continuing education. Training sessions range from one day to one week and are intended for members interested in career development or specialized training in a particular field of endeavor. Click on the Events link above for a complete listing of upcoming events.


TechniCom Magazine
NAPBIRT's official bi-monthly online journal features a wide variety of technical columns, technical tips, NAPBIRT news, industry trade news, commentary and manufacturer / supplier advertising. Many technicians have stated that one "technical tip" from this publication is worth the price of a year's membership. Membership in NAPBIRT includes a subscription to the TechniCom.

The website contains general information, membership application, calendar of events, repair school information, technician locator, instrument care, manufacturer links, secure online store and the "Band Instrument Purchasing Guide". The members only section contains a multitude of valuable information such as:
  • Educational opportunities
  • Technical information
  • Instrument serial number listings
  • NAPBIRT information and documents
  • TechniCom archives
  • Classified ads
  • Job listings
  • Expanded Tech Locator
  • Vendor links
  • Hazardous material information
  • NAPBIRT library and archive listings
  • Secure online membership services
Many of the finest repair technicians in the industry today have progressed over the years with the support and encouragement they have found in the pages of NAPBIRT Archival Material. In the NAPBIRT Reference Library, members have access to rich archival materials such as back issues of TechniCom, Clinic Materials, How To Instructions, Reference Handbooks, Repair Videos and much more.

Regional Clinics
Each year 10 - 15 regional clinics are hosted by repair facilities and music stores throughout NAPBIRT's nine regions. Clinics are generally one-day workshops presented by some of the top working technicians in the profession.

NAPBIRT Technical Training Center Clinics
The NAPBIRT Technical Training Center (NTTC) is a one-of-a-kind facility specially designed and constructed for serving NAPBIRT members. Training sessions range from one day to one week and are intended for established technicians interested in career development or specialized training. Some of the features our facility boasts:
  • NAPBIRT Headquarters
    Centrally located at 2026 Eagle Road off of Interstate 39 in Normal, Illinois
  • A 1500 square feet multi-use repair training lab equipped with the latest repair tools and equipment
  • Spacious classroom
  • Library and Archives room, housing over 500 titles

Continuing Education Units
NAPBIRT awards .2 Continuing Educational Unit (CEU) credits for every one and one half hour clinic sessions. The nationally recognized CEU is a unit of measurement to record participation in non-credit academic, professional and vocational programs and is based upon short course continuing educational programs sponsored by organizations following the guidelines established by the IACET.

Membership Regions
NAPBIRT regions are designed to promote small easily accessible regional technical clinics for members to attend. Each region has an elected representative who resides on the Board of Directors.

Region 1  
Region 2  
Region 3  
Region 4  
Region 5  
Region 6  
Region 7  
Region 8  
Region 9 International

Becoming a NAPBIRT Technician
  • Do you enjoy being involved in the music industry?
  • Are you interested in how musical instruments functions?
  • Do you like to solve problems?
  • Do you like improving the way instruments perform?
  • Are you looking for a proven way to advance your repair skills?
  • Are you looking for a proven way to advance your repair skills?
  • Would you like to join an organization where people share your passion for the craft of instrument repair?

NAPBIRT technicians are professionals who have committed themselves to the continual pursuit of excellence, both in technical service and ethical conduct. Membership applications and eligibility requirements can be found in the Join NAPBIRT section of this web site.


  • Access to manufacturers, repair parts and suppliers
  • Access to a network of over 1000 peers
  • TechniCom magazine with technical articles and how-to information 6 times a year
  • Trade surveys
  • Annual trade conference with manufacturers, suppliers and service companies exhibiting their products and services
  • Regional clinics within 250 miles of 80% of our membership
  • NAPBIRT Technical Training Center offering intensive, hands-on training
  • Annual international conference with over 75 hours of formal training time

  • APPRENTICE/STUDENT MEMBERSHIP shall be available to any person in an acceptable training situation as defined in Article III, Section 1, Paragraph A, Subsection c. This membership shall exclude the right to hold office, vote, or introduce business and resolutions, or display the NAPBIRT logo except as provided for in Article III, Section 5. The Apprentice/Student Membership level is available for a maximum of two consecutive years. The Apprentice/Student level discount also applies to the registration fees for the National Conference for two consecutive years. Regional Conference fees will be the same as for a Professional level membership.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP shall be made available to individuals associated with the industry either as a manufacturer/supplier/jobber of musical instrument related parts, tools, accessories or supplies. This membership is open to those individuals that have an avocational interest in musical instrument technology. This membership shall exclude the right to hold office, vote, or introduce business and resolutions or display the NAPBIRT logo except as provided in Article III, Section 5.
  • HONORARY MEMBERSHIP shall be by nomination and a majority vote by the Board of Directors. This membership shall exclude the right to hold office, vote, or introduce business and resolutions, or display the NAPBIRT logo except as provided in Article III, Section 5.
  • LIFE MEMBERSHIP shall be by nomination and a 2/3 vote of the membership in attendance at an Annual Meeting and be awarded to such persons who are Professional Members who have consistently supported NAPBIRT and have accredited themselves in their field. This membership includes the rights and responsibilities of all professional active members as specified in Article III, Section 2, Paragraph A.
  • PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP shall be made available to all persons who qualify for membership as specified in Article III Section 1. This membership shall include the right to hold office, vote, introduce business and resolutions, and display the NAPBIRT logo as provided in Article III, Section 5.
  • RETIRED MEMBERSHIP shall be made available to to the professional member who applies to the National Office who:
    • Has reached retirement age as defined by the Social Security Administration of the United States of America and is no longer active in full-time pursuit of the craft.
    • Has been a member of the association for the preceding ten (10) years.
    • Dues will be at 1/2 the rate set forth for Professional Members. Retired members will be granted all the rights and responsibilities set forth for members in good standing as defined in Article III, Section 2, Paragraph A.
    • Written notificiation must be sent to the National Office for the status change.
  • OTHER CLASSIFICATIONS may be established as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.


Any person who has been or is presently involved in the profession of restoring, reconditioning or repairing of musical instruments may be considered a candidate for membership provided that he/she has the technical skills to derive at least 50% of their income from an occupation in musical instrument technology and is at least 18 years of age.

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